Forklift Operator Safety Training Course

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Forklift Safety Training

The Ontario OHS law requires operator of mechanical material handling equipment to be a competent person. The definition of competent person is provided in section 1 of the Ontario OHS Act.

Forklift training aims to fulfil most of the criteria as set by this definition. An operator with adequate hands-on experience under supervision along with this training and certification would fulfil the criteria of competence under the OHS Act.

In addition to the in-class theory of forklift training, which aims to provide knowledge of safe inspections and operations of the forklift, the practical component assesses the skills of the operator to safely apply their knowledge in the operations of the forklift so as to increase productivity and efficiency while reducing the risk of harm to people property and business.

Forklift Operator Safety Training Course provides adequate hands-on experience under supervision and certification

Forklift Training Course Description

  • Type of Lift trucks
  • Pre-operation/shift inspection
  • Safe operating procedures
  • Theory of operation and stability
  • Principals of safe material handling
  • Propane Cylinders exchange if applicable
  • Batteries charging and maintenance
  • Pedestrian Safety
  • Safe operations in special conditions – eg. Operations in dock area/loading & unloading forklift trucks

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Who needs forklift training/Target audiences:

Worker operating forklift and their supervisors.

Safe driving techniques, load handling procedures for preventing accidents when operating forklifts
  • Legislative Reference:

    • Ont. Reg. 851 – Industrial Establishments s. 51(2)
    • CSA Standard B335-94
  • Validity of certificate

    3 years

  • Duration

    Theory 3 hours – Evaluation per operator 20 mins

  • Delivery Options

    Client location

Note: The practical part is a safe operations skills assessment, participant MUST have completed at least 8 hrs of hands-on operations under supervision of a ‘competent’ operator.