Health & Safety Surveys & Audits

Our Noise and OHS Experts in Mississauga will make sure that the clients meet compliance and regulatory
requirements at the workplace

Health and Safety Surveys, Audits will help clients meet compliance and regulatory requirements at the workplace

It is not only a good idea to conduct workplace H&S surveys & audit on a regular basis to identify the status of the organization with respect to their corporate mandate but also to check the status with respect to legislative requirements and ensure organizations remain in compliance and meet or exceed regulatory requirements. Trainability has the experience and expertise to carry out health & safety surveys and various OHS management Audits, including WorkWell, CoR, OHSAS 45001.

At Trainability, we not only conduct audits to identify the current status with respect to Legislation or other standards but assist the client in managing the identified gaps according to the audits.

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Our Noise and OHS Experts ensure organizations remain in compliance and meet or exceed regulatory requirements

We also conduct Surveys such as that for Noise, Confined spaces, Machine Guarding, to name a few and make recommendations to ensure our clients are in compliance to the respective regulatory standards.

If you are looking for a survey or a particular OHS element or have a regulatory mandate for an existing or upcoming audit, please contact us and one of our OHS experts shall be please to discuss your needs and provide solutions that would fit your needs.


  • OHSA Section 25(2)(h)
  • ISO 45001
  • CSA Z-1001

Noise Surveys

Noise is one of the major hazards in many workplaces. The OHS legislation restricts the exposure of workers to a specific level of noise over an 8 hour shift and expects the workplaces to ensure workers are not exposed to noise levels that are hazardous and may result in hearing loss by controlling the exposure of workers to hazardous noise levels.

Hearing loss due to exposure to high noise levels may be gradual and may not be noticed until some degree of permanent hearing impairment is evident, as such a proactive approach to identifying hazardous noise exposure is paramount.

A comprehensive noise survey will identify areas & equipment that has potential to expose workers to high level of noise and suggest mitigation and protective measures to control those exposure adequately.

Trainability has extensive exposure to conduct noise surveys and provide comprehensive reports that identify areas of concerns and suggest remedial measures to either eliminate the hazard or bring it to permissible levels.

Monitoring of adverse effect of hazardous noise exposure is also important and a periodic audiometric testing is a tool of choice to assess any damaging effects on worker.

Please talk with one of our Noise experts to discuss your needs and address your concerns regarding potential or actual hazardous noise exposure of your workers.


O. Reg. 381/15 - Noise

CSA Z1006-16 - Z1006-16 - Management of work in confined spaces