Stress Management

Stress can be both good and bad. Good stress is a motivator for everyone, humans need this to anticipate, succeed and perform. Bad stress, on the other hand, adversely impacts mental and social wellbeing and if not managed properly my culminate in poor performance, dissatisfaction, lack of interest and physical harm.

Stress management

Both workers and employers must make efforts to identify and address work related stress and avoid situations that create and enhances the chance of workers becoming distressed.

This 4 hr workshop on stress management in the workplace aims to identify common workplace stressors and their tangible and intangible effects on the workers and the workplace and discussed measures and techniques to isolate and minimize factors that determine stress.

This workshop is equally important and beneficial for all workplace parties, workers, supervisors and senior management.

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Stress management

It is the employers responsibility to identify workplace hazards and address them to ensure worker safety and managing work-related stress factors not only helps them keep workers safe but also productive,

Trainability consultants have over 25 years experience in workplace stress management along with qualification in occupational medicine/health with a focus on Stress management.

  • References

    OHSA s. 25(2)(h),

    OHSA s. 27

  • Audience:

    Workers, Supervisors, Managers

  • Duration


  • Location:

    On-site or Virtual

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